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Celebrants India, a charitable Christian organization, was established in mid 1990's aiming for spiritual healing through soothing spiritual songs and helping the poorest of the poor with the revenue obtained from selling spiritual audio and video albums. At present Rev. Fr. Thomas Thumpechirayil, is the Director of the organization. And his younger brother Fr. Mathew Thomas, popularly known as Fr. Shaji Thumpechirayil as the Assistant. A group of leading musicians, artistes, technicians, etc. are working under his esteemed leadership. The organization has so far, in addition to many other charitable and devotional works, released more than 20 Audio Cassettes / CDs and two Video Cassettes of Christian devotionals songs. Our Motto: THROUGH MUSIC CHARITY THUS CELEBRATING GOD'S MERCY

Be a listener of healing holy music and helper of crying man i.e., When you buy our albums specially "MARIAN" we preserve the entire profit for the special housing project. In a year's time we are committed to complete at least 15 houses for the poor without shelter irrespective of cast and creed. By the these months we could complete 13 houses and for that we praise and thank Jesus Christ. We base all our works on Malakki (3.10). When 3500 cassettes are sold in India we spare Rs.50000/- for a cause. We humbly invite you to co operate, if Jesus inspires you.

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